— from a client
"From the first day I called Nathan, I immediately sensed I had a friend who was going to walk with me through this "valley of the shadow of death." My heart had been ripped out and was bleeding profusely. I knew that God had not left me or forsaken me, but I did not know how I could ever smile again..."   [more]

— from a client couple
"Nathan came highly recommended. I and my wife visited him when divorce seemed imminent. He really helped us discover true and real things about ourselves (good and bad) that played the roles in making our marriage the mess that it was..."   [more]

— from a client couple
"Nathan has a depth in his approach to counseling. When meeting with Nathan, it is apparent that this depth comes from a rich history of honest personal pursuit and a resulting strength and wisdom about him..."   [more]

— Len Sykes
Spiritual Director & Founder of Reflections Ministries

"Nathan is a gifted and caring Christian counselor. He has great spiritual discernment on issues regarding one's relationship with Christ..."   [more]

— from a client
"Through counseling, God has used Nathan to help restore the broken places in my life. He has helped me to better perceive the workings of my heart..."   [more]

— from a client
"Nathan immediately made both my wife and me feel completely comfortable. A great (and patient) listener, too! Highly recommended."

— Bill Reichart, Assistant Pastor of Big Creek Church (PCA)
"Nathan is a proven counselor with a wealth of experience and a gentle, caring demeanor. I have known him personally..."   [more]

— from a client
"Nathan is a caring and understanding man of God. His gentle spirit and understanding of the Bible make it very easy..."   [more]

— from a client
"Nathan's ability to listen objectively and provide thoughtful advice is profound. Using personal experience, Christian theology, psychology, and common sense, Nathan is at the top of his game."

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  For if we be harassed by poverty, or saddened by bereavement...or vexed by any kind of calamity, let good men visit us, men who can not only rejoice with them that rejoice, but also weep with them that weep...the effect is that rough things become smooth, heavy burdens are lightened, and difficulties vanquished most wonderfully.

Augustine of Hippo
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