Nathan Shattuck is a pastoral counselor, spiritual director, and the founder of Soul Care Christian Counseling. He works with a wide range of emotional, relational and spiritual issues. In counseling, he specializes in:

•  Marriage Counseling - especially couples or individuals struggling with
   significant strife or separation, dealing with betrayal, sexual addiction, or
   facing divorce.

•  Sexual Addiction - walking with men as they fight against the control of
   pornography, sexual addiction, and same sex attraction to understand and
   break it's hold on their behavior and the distortion of their desires.

Nathan is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. He is a fluent Spanish speaker, having spent nearly 16 years living in Latin America, most recently working with national pastors and leaders in Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Before vocational ministry, he spent 9 years in the corporate world, with the Inter-American Development Bank

He has a Masters in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care from The Institute for Spiritual Formation in Los Angeles – an interdisciplinary program of Talbot School of Theology and Rosemead School of Psychology and has studied under Larry Crabb, Dan Allender, John Coe and David Benner. In addition to his training and experience, Nathan’s counseling approach has also been significantly shaped by the writings of Henri Nouwen, Nancy Groom, John Eldredge, Harry Schaumburg and Brennan Manning as well as personal experiences of emotional and spiritual struggle and new growth in his own life. His passion for counseling and spiritual direction comes from the conviction that the pain of experiences like a marriage on the brink, addictions, or spiritual dryness can be catalysts for more freedom and peace than we ever thought possible this side of heaven.

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Augustine of Hippo

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